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Most ship's lifeboats today have a listed maximum capacity of 150 people.

That 150 number is unfortunately based on the size of the average passenger nearly 100 years ago.
In actual testing today, we can fit 150 Filipinos into one of these boats. but not 150 North Americans.
75 to 100 passengers is a much more realistic maximum for these lifeboats.

But not to worry. The average cruise ship has nearly double capacity of lifeboats, plus many extra lift rafts standing by.

Each lifeboat carries 3 liters of water per passenger (150), plus a one week supply of rations (biscuits or crackers) for 150 people.
With todays modern communications networks, the news of a ship going down in mid-Atlantic would be received just as fast as the news of a ship going down in the Caribbean. In either case, assistance or rescue would be less than a day away.
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