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AR, if you don't like Alabama, go to Hell Norway or somewhere else.

The reason that Alabama reported a high SNAP (Food stampts) this month is that the program also pays for meal subsistence after natural disasters. The data was for May, shortly after the tornado outbreak of 27 April. Over 250 people were killed and thousands of homes and businesses destroyed. Also, most people in Northern Alabama had no power for at least four days which meant that a lot of food was thrown away.

Check your facts before you start picking on one of the finest states in the USA. Here is the explanation from CNN:

But a spike in food stamp users in Alabama may have been responsible for pushing total usage unusually higher in May. Following a series of devastating storms, many residents received disaster assistance under the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the USDA said. Food stamp use in the state surged from 868,813 in April to 1,762,481 in May.
"USDA does not anticipate that trend of increase to continue, given that it appears to represent a response to a single disaster," the USDA said.
I noticed that Huffpost didn't provide the explanation; I am not surprised
BTW, here is a report on the longest EF-5 tornado path; I feel very lucky that it missed my house by less than three miles.

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