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Forget about politics. Every political person is to blame, from George Bush to Barack Obama to both houses of Congress.

We must cut spending, period! We have gone on an orgy of spending that we can't even begin to afford.

Everyone is going to have to cut back from the wealthy to the poor. Entitlements to Defense and everything in between is included. the "Tax the Rich" claim cracks me up. Should the rich pay more? Probably so but it wouldn't even begin to solve the problem. If eveyone who paid taxes were to have those taxes applied to the current national debt, it might pay a month's worth! Our debt is astronomical as to be beyond the comprehension of the average American.

The new Health care plan is a perfect example. There is no way on God's Green Earth that when the people learn what it will actually entail, would ever tolerate it. I about fell off my chair when Nancy Pelosi made the comment that, "We'll pass it,then we'll read it!"

The American people are not stupid (contrary to what Congress would lead one to believe). They're scared to death and rightfully so.

What is the answer? Far be it from me to say. I shall say, however, that there has to be a way we can cut back and still help the truly needy! that doesn't mean "Cadilllac coverage that the average American worker can't afford."" It also doesn't mean government controlled health care (which has not worked to the extent that the average American would ever acquiesce).

All it take is something that has been long lacking in government, and that is basic common sense!


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