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$1.3 TRILLION of wealth was lost today alone, proving the goverments inability to think in any manner resembling thinking of the good of the people, and then leaving for vacation, shows a nation out of control because of polarity.

Everyone who says they are already paying too much tax, just paid more today, with no benefits. If "the market" continues to crumble, those rich won't be so rich anymore, and could be left wishing they'd paid more of that into the tax system, to help create at least an illusion of stability.

Interestingly I read today that the Canadian government is likely to end this year with a buget surplus. A large part of the reason for that is Canadians pay substantially more taxes than those in the United States (and have for some time).

America as a nation will also never willingly accept the dramatic drop in their "standard of living" it would require to pay off the debt they've recklessly accumulated.

I'm no economist. But, I do know the answer, if there is one, is very complicated, and finding it requires much more than common sense. It requires a collective will.
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