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Originally Posted by familyConcord View Post
If the cruise line knows to turn you back at the dock for not having a right visa - I am pretty sure they can make an effort to know the same details when the customer is booking the ticket. Dont you think that is logical???
No, not when a cruiseline has around 15- 20 ships leaving every week-each ship carrying 2000 plus PAX. That is 30,000 plus people every week.

Would you expect an airline you bought tickets from to inform you that you needed VISAS for that country? No-but as others said if you bought those tickets through a travel agent you would expect he/she to know this and inform you.

BTW I meant cruise docs-not docks-typo-docs is an abbreviation for documents.

I do think your experience and the OP's experience bodes well for others reading this thread-to make sure of such things-no matter what line they happen to cruise.
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