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Originally Posted by Aerogirl View Post
So Princess has banned smoking in and on the verandas. As a non smoker I can see the cabins but I think it’s unfair that you can’t some on you balcony. Just like New York you will be ticketed if you smoke in the park and I know they want to implement it in Time Square as well. If this continues they need to just make it illegal to smoke and stop making million on the taxes of the sale of cigarettes. Like I said I’m not a smoker and don’t like being around it but it’s not illegal to smoke. Maybe the ship's shouldn't sell them either.
As a side note I smell something else more often than I smell cigarettes
Have not been on the boards lately and just heard about this. I just got off the phone with Princess and there is no ban on smoking on your balcony. You can still smoke in your cabin until January 15, 2012. After January 15, 2012 smoking will not be permitted in your cabin, but will be allowed on your balcony and in designated smoking areas.

This seems like a fair decision for everyone. I have no problem with respecting other's rights when it comes to smoking, but in turn they have to respect my right to smoke on my own balcony. I have always been considerate of others and only smoke when there is no one else close to me.

On all of my 17 Princess cruises I have never noticed any smell of smoke in the cabins, although on a Celebrity cruise the cabin just reeked of smoke. Princess does a great job of keeping all of their ships in tip top condition at all times. Even so, I can understand the reasoning for the change in the smoking rules on Princess after January 12.

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