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Originally Posted by perkydebrajean View Post
Thank you so much. I've thought about checking with a travel agent since this would be new to me. I figure they would have a lot more experience with what I need to know and do.
This would be my suggestion.... go into a local Travel Agency office, speak to a "seasoned" travel agent (one who is CLIA certfied and has at minimum a MCC credential), collect some brochures and begin a nice chat with them. If they are worth anything in their profession, they should NOT be high pressuring you to book right then and there, but more so explaining all the in's and out's of cruising as well as answering all questions you may have, then finally, trying to fit your likes and dislikes with the cruiseline/ship/itinerary that best fits what you are looking for in a cruise vacation.

I personally WOULD NOT SUGGEST just looking on the internet and making a cruise booking on your own for the first cruise..... let a seasoned TA take you thru the steps in selecting the perfect cruise for you and your daughter.

What a great gift for her graduation and a chance for the two of you to bond and celebrate her success !

Let the memories start with a TA first though !

Good Luck and Welcome to Cruisemates...... we are all hear to help you just for the askin'
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