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Hi Fried Eggs (trust that you are reading this forum),

Just came across this old post from you and wondered what you have booked currently? we have all booked for the QM2 22nd August New York to Southampton crossing ( yes again )myself, Ron, Coral - Coral is still looking for a man and this is will be her seventh attempt on the QM2 so keep your fingers crossed - unfortunately Sara and Tom are unable to make this crossing as she is pregnant again (No.8 now) so is not up to travelling. We are on a table for 8 so looking forward to meeting our travel companions - I will be glad to get Ron of my hands for a few days so hopefully he will meet some unsuspecting travellers - you know Ron once he is in there they cannot get rid of him.

As usual we are booked in the Britannia late sitting because Coral looks better when the lighting is not so good - we have also asked for a dimmed corner - with no table lighting
or candles. Maybe asking too much there.

Let me know if your are on this cruise

Best regards

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