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Default Re: Re: Cruisemates Millennium class review

Actually no... This is more of a recreation website rather than a professional website in my opinion. If this truly were a professional website, you would have people editing the pages constantly. I have waited for people to change that page for over a year and cruisemates never has. That means that professionals who know much about the ships have not looked over the reviews. Itís quite sad to think of all the people who have read that and believed that. It shows that who ever wrote that review had probably not been on a Millennium-class ship, and did not even go through the proper sources to find the correct info. I love this website too but I can't stand to see lies about my favorite vessels that I have spent over 40 nights on. If this site has all professional staff, than how come the staff member who wrote that review lied? I don't mean to downgrade this website and I'm sorry that I reacted in that way but just give correct information for a GREAT WEBSITE LIKE THIS.

Thank you
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