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Wow, thanks for all the quick replies!

I can see already that this will probably be too overwhelming for me to handle alone so a TA will eventually enter the mix. I've really never used one, how far in advance would be acceptable to get a TA involved? The trip is two years away and I won't have a confirmed head count until a year before (which I'm sure is plenty) but I would like to have a general ballpark on the cost per person to present to the family in about six months (18 months prior to the trip, 6 months prior to when they have to commit or decline). At that time I would like to present them with ballpark prices on:

1 - 3, 4, and 6 day cruises for

2 - two different dates (1st weekend in August 2013 or Thanksgiving weekend 2013)

Would a TA be willing to help that far in advance with that many options on a trip I am not 100% certain will happen (closer to 85%)? I feel like the TA shouldn't be called into play until I know the date and number of people attending but if I'm wrong about that please correct me

I am willing to ballpark it myself but am having trouble finding places online that will quote me prices on more than one room at a time... I would like to ballpark it with some kind of group discounts figured in. Maybe I'll have to start calling cruise lines and speaking directly with their reps?
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