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Okay, I was going to stay out of this, but I have a little bit of knowledge on the subject, so let me see if I can clear up some things.

We (Americans) have military bases all over the world for several different reasons. One of those reasons is if we needed to get to a hot spot around the world, we need bases close enough to the action, so we can respond. Japan is a good example. When that country was hit by earthquakes, and flooding, they were cut off from the rest of the world. We were already there, so we reponded within a few hours, saving thousands of lives.

When we reponded to the take over of another country by Saddam, it took us three weeks to get into position. In the mean time, those people suffered. Now, we have a few, and I mean few bases left in Iraq, so if there is more trouble, we can at least make an effort, until other help can arrive.

We are in Korea, because that war never ended. The DMZ is still just as hot today as it was in 1950's. If we pulled out, China, and No. Korea would take the south in a matter of hours.

I was just in Germany a couple of years ago, and the posts there have pretty much been turned over to the Germans, but the military hospital still serves as a place to take our troops, if hurt in that region, or anywhere in the Middle East.

I also agree that we should bring our troops home from the Middle East. Of course I do, but the truth about what we are doing there, is more important than my wishes.

Where is that oil? Do you not think that if we were in the Middle East for the oil, we would still be paying so much for oil? Could that possibly be true? Of course it isn't true. It's something someone started years ago, and thankfully only a few continue to repeat that lie.

If there was oil coming out of that area, free of charge, wouldn't it be on the nightly news? We own Iraq. If we were taking that oil, our prices would be .75 cents a gallon like it is in Iraq today. But you see, we don't want Iraq. It belongs to it's people. Oh sure, we could have stood by and let thousands of people be gassed. It wasn't our problem right? We could have stood by and let Iraq take that small little country on the gulf. It wasn't our problem. Of course if they had taken control they planned to bottle up that gulf, and start charging ships to come through. Now that would have been a problem, because it would have cost us money.

Iraq is like the forts of the middle ages. Back then you set up shop at the highest point, so you could see the surrounding areas for trouble.

Once Desert Storm ended in the early 90's we intended leaving the middle east. It was the people who asked us to stay. Sure, we could have said sorry Charlie, it's your problem now, but would that have been the American way?

Then, Sept. 11th 2001 happened. Your remember that day don't you? We had many troops guarding the states, but we couldn't stop what happened. I saw many grown men cry on that day, because we simply could not stop them.

Now common sense says that it is best to stop them, before they reach us, instead of waiting until they were on the front porch, so we went back to the middle east. There is no telling how many American lives have been saved by us going to them,instead of allowing them to come here.

This morning 30 body bags are on their way home. Who of you believe they are stopping on the way to pick up that shipment of oil that we are over there for anyway?

Monday morning quarterbacking has been going on for a very long time, but before you do, please know the game plan.

My husband is a highly trained man. He did his part for this country, and could very easily get a "real" job here in the states. I could have slept with the man of my dreams last night, and he could have gone off to work this morning like most of you, but my husband is a soldier. Not on paper, but in his heart. He still can be heard to say, "My soldiers" He loves this country, and would give his life for this country. What he is not is an oil man. To me that is the biggest slap in the face you could say to any soldier.

Our country is indeed in serious trouble, and blaming our troubles on the price of the military, is one that has been used many times before, but say to yourself. Is it better to spend that money on our freedom from the people of 9/11, or is it best to keep that money home, and cover our eyes, and hope no one attacks again. You sure better cover more than your eyes, because .......

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