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Thank you for your candor, Teo. personally, I am well aware of the pitfalls of art auctions. There is an article just today in a Sydney-based newspaper:

Cruise liner's art auctions leave investors all at sea - National News - National - General - Ararat Advertiser

Cruise liner's art auctions leave investors all at sea

This article mentions a man named Ira Shore by name. It is well-known that this man is the same person who ran British-American auctions (and the article says he ran British Australian for P&O).

According to sources, he was also the same person who ran the company that provided auctioneers to Park West Galleries - which PWG only used so they could claim a level of separation between themselves and the A/Ds onboard ships. In other words, if things got dicey with any particular sale, PWG could say "well, that auctioneer didn't work for us, he was an independent contractor."
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