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Talking Drivers

We have been blessed with amazing drivers all over the world.

In Cairo, a motorbike rear ended our van as it slowed for a truck carrying a water buffalo. Both drivers yelled at each other and it was over.

In Casablanca, our bus died in the middle of a busy road. The driver's assistant got out and crawled under the bus, and two policemen came along and yelled at the bus driver instead of directing traffic.

In Java, our driver took a "short cut" to Borobodur. Between the trucks and the motor bikes there appeared to be no room at all for our car, but he found the room and got us to the Temple half an hour before the buses from the ship.

In Amboseli Park in Kenya, a huge bull elephant started walking along the "road" toward us. I could see our driver trying to figure out how fast he could go in reverse! Fortunately the elephant decided to turn aside.

The entire city of Jakarta is basically one big traffic jam. There, our driver possessed the main requirement, patience.

And in Angkor Wat, our driver simply sat on the elephant's neck and kicked its ears ...

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