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The military does a great job of doing their jobs, and unlike times in the past, I think people generally support them for the difficult and deadly job they do.

However, they do not set the policy. Their marching orders determine where they risk their lives.

Desert Storm at least had the facade of a reasonable excuse to come to the air of Kuait.

Invading Iraq was done on a whim of people who just like war, who most likely "made up" intelligence to convince the administration that Iraq had something to do with the 911 attacks.

As bad a dictator as Saddam was, he was a balance (and sworn enemy) of Iran. Removing him took Iran... a country with little influence in the arab world at the time..... and made them a major player.

Iran wouldn't even have considered looking at nuclear programs, because it would have meant another war Iraq.

The growth of Bin Laden, and Al Quida, occurred as a result of the US decision to arm them and support them to fight against Russia, in Afhghanistan.

History proves politicians deciding which side is right in different conflcts doesn't work out so well.

Assad, in Syria, is the newest dictator, slaughtering his people, yet at the moment no one is calling on the military to attack them.

If the reasoning, to protect the people of the world, is to be carried forward, they should be bombing Syria now, and lining troops at their border. They should be protecting and feeding the starving people of Somalia. .. or building homes for the people of Haiti, or New Orleans, or ............. The list sadly is WAY TOO LONG.
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