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Being one who writes some of the reviews for CruiseMates, I can tell you there are differences in my approach.

For almost every ship I sail, and am going to write a review for, I also write Virtual Cruise Reports daily from the ship.

The Virtual Cruise reports are a daily travelogue, talking mostly about the cruise and port experiences.

Reviews are supposed to be mostly objective; describing the different areas of the ship, layout, type of entertainment and activity options, that make up the basics of what you'll find on that ship, that aren't likelly to change drastically from one sailing to the next.

Food is a bit more difficult to be objective about because we're all stuck with our taste buds. However presentation, quality and quality of service are the most likely things to remain consistent, so a review will focus more on those.

Within a travelogue I'll talk about even small issues that arise. Writing a review I have to determine if what I'm thinking of commenting on is an anecdotal (one time) incident, or is something the majority of people reading about are also likelly to experience.

I enjoy reading Reader Reviews. They most often take the form of a travelogue or journal. My only issue with them, on occassion, is they are written only giving the authors points of acceptance or disappointment. And you really need to know someone to know if you look for the same things in them in your cruise.
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