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Hey everybody, safty is the number one reason a cruise line will stop visiting a port. The second reason is investment, Corporate from all cruise companies have been investing millons in Port facilities through out the Caribbean and Mexico.
Look at Jamaica, Kingston murder rate was higher then New York City in 2009.
They welcome American investment and have even opened a new Port of Call brokered by Royal Caribbeans to meet the requirements for docking there mega ships, when you look at the Port charges for every pasenger regardless of disembarktion, The cruise lines may pay anywhere from $2 to $6 dollars at each Port of Call per passenger.
Not including the money generated from sales from jewelery, clothes, food and booze.
The local Governments create land leases with the cruise lines, the cruise line then set up protected secured compounds then lease space to local business and other Corporations for which shopping is promoted.
In exchange for the cruise lines contracting with local Governments to bring passengers on a annual basis, they also demand certin concessions.
Contracting the construction of a new cruise pier or dock with shopping facilities containing bathrooms, electrical power, Potable water and fueling facilities, which are the basis of the continued business generated by the cruise lines and co-operation with local officials (Government).

Bon Voyage
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