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Originally Posted by Pasco08 View Post
My aunt and uncle took my 4 year old son on a cruise on RCL's Oasis of the seas! This was his first cruise and i was really hoping he would of had a better time then he did but the first night after Formal dining he developed Food poising! Even the Oasis Infirmary said it was Food poising well my son is everything to me so i was curious if sending a letter to RCL would do any good i mean i am kind of pissed cause my aunt and uncle told me they blew them off and basically told them they should get off the boat at the first port and that it wasn't there FAULT!.
This doesn't add up. First, how did they know it was food poisoning? If it was suspected, there would be an investigation of some sort. Others would have been affected too! (not just one piece of food your son got).
No cruiseline invites you to get off a ship because they got ill! This is either not true, or there's more to the story you don't know.
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