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Originally Posted by Pasco08 View Post
He had all of the sypotoms of food poising so the doctor on-board said it was food poising or so my aunt and uncle told me sorry i am just telling you all what i was told. He didn't eat till main dining they told me had some chips and snacks but that was all. And my aunt and uncle said he was the only one.
Not trying to pick at you, but a 4 year old can't go all day without eating. If it was food poisoning, it would not be from dining room food. I've had food poisoning and it takes many hours till the vomiting starts. Again, I feel you've been misinformed. The getting off the ship may have been a suggestion if the family member was not happy with his care on board and thought they should do more. I can't believe they were TOLD to leave the ship.
Anyway, he survived the illness just like we all do.
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