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If you investigate "Food Poisoning" via Google or another search engine, you can learn an amazing amount of information on the subject.
The CDC Website is also an amazing source of information.

Some of the things you can learn:

1. There are more than 100 different types of bacteria that can cause what is commonly called food poisoning. Some of these bacteria can be controlled by those preparing the food; others cannot. It is sometimes just a matter of luck.

2. There are more than 30 different common viruses that mimic food poisoning. In most cases only very sophisticated chemical analysis can determine the actual cause of the illness. Everyone else is just guessing.

3. Most food poisonong cases - and most viral cases - do not kill you and cause no physical damage - even over the short term. They are not fun, are annoying, and then they just go away.

4. Suffering viral and gastro-intestinal problems causes your body to take defensive measures to correct the symptoms and illness. Many doctors agree that this is a good exercise for your body that may keep you more healthy in future.

5. 100 years from now, nobody will remember your "food poisoniong" episode.
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