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We just got back from the Alaska cruise this past month and as always it was GREAT! We have made this trip twice and this time the weather was perfect!

Our first stop was Skagway and if you don't book a tour then there isn't much to do in Skagway. The town is the smallest one of the ports you will stop at and few shops and a few places to get something to eat. You can walk the whole town in about 30-45 minutes.

All other ports, lots to do and LOTS of shops and of course lots of tours. Ketchikan, the weather was like San Diego, in the mid 70s and not a cloud in the sky.

Told my wife, that we would stay on board when we got to Victoria because the last time we got there, nothing to do. This time was no exceptions. Got to port about dusk and when we took the bus into town, most shops were close or closing so we found something new, a StarBucks and had a cup of coffee and watch people for a while and then back to the ship.

On another note. Our first three days, spent most of the time in our Cabin. My wife has COPD, and she was real short of breath when we got to Seattle and we were at sea for approx. 3 hours and thought we might have to air lift her back to Seattle. Got to a point that she could not breath so call the 911 and they had a wheel chair at our stateroom within minutes. Once we got to the dispensary, doctors and nurses were rushing around and she had almost stopped breathing because her lungs had pretty much shut down. After some injections of seroids and breathing treatment she started to get her color back but was very weak. So the balance of the cruise she had to go to the dispensary morning and night for breathing treatments. We were able to go into ports but just had to take our time walking. All in all, it didn't mess up our trip that much but was VERY scary. I must say the medical staff was awesome!! From now on, we are taking the insurance. Our medical bill wasn't that much, $600.00 and some change but if we would have had to take her off the ship via airlift, we were looking at between $6,000 - $10,000.

Sorry for the long post. Now we are ready for our cruise in Oct on the Dream.
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