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By the way - I just woke up. Unforutntely the Internet was down all night long and I kept trying to post, and would get close, but it would fail at the last step (running at glaacial speed) - this took about 90 minutes of precious sleep time away.

This morning it was still down, but i went and talked to the front deck and the person there said "I dunno, maybe when hotel manager wakes up."

But as soon as I got back too my room I was able to post. So here it is.

Free full-time Internet: a BIG plus+1 (this alone is enough to get me to recommend this cruise line).

But having it go down for 8 eight hours overnight (when people need to work, as I do) is a problem. I hope they get more conscientious about keeping the connection up all night in the future.

If it doesn't happen again I can forget about this bad night, but if it does, then...

WE HAVE A LONG DAY!! Morning tour of Vienna, afternoon tour of Schonbrunn Palace. Nighttime concert of Mozart (classical symphony and opera stars). Ah, river boars, gotta love them.
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