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Default Change in ticket price...

I could also post this in the gripes board, but here goes....I booked air ticket back in May for an Oct. cruise. Just decided to check today, flight changes, etc...Right away I noticed different times on both the flight down to Ft. Lauderdale and the return trip, just a matter of 10 minutes, no big deal. The return trip was a different flight #, again, no big deal. Then I did the booking process on "my" flights to find out there is a difference in price by $468, almost half of what I paid back in May.

So, I get on the phone and ask, what I can do: they had to check my tickets and only to find out, all I get for the difference is 2 $84 vouchers to be used within the next year, a $150 per ticket is charged for the change. I didn't change anything, they changed, times, flight numbers and lowered the price and I loose the $300 as a re-booking fee? Something not fair here? Not a whole lot I can do at this point, but it does get me erritated to say the least....

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