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It's the "problem" of non-refundable airfare. The person sitting next to you rarely paid the same amount that you did. The problem occurs when you are the one who paid the higher price.

The flight number change was not an issue and even you admitted that the ten minute time change was not a problem and it really isn't. It wasn't until you saw that the price was much lower that you had a problem. When you booked the original ticket you knew it was non-refundable and there was a penalty associated with a change.

As I said earlier, I hope you do get a better compensation deal but if you do then it's the airline being nice and foregoing the terms of the non-refundable ticket agreement. This is something they do not have to do and most of the time don't.

I know I would also be a bit perturbed but I don't know if I would be forcing the issue. Unless I was never notified of the flight number change and the time change. I have had this happen many times but the only time I got bit by it was when "I" didn't read the change carefully enough and ended up flying into FLL instead of Miami. I just ate the taxi fare from FLL to Miami.

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