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I think for the people that enjoyed going to an art auction, they will miss it. For those who didn't understand the draw,of it, they will be happy.

For us, the best art auction we ever atteneded, was on the NCL Seward, many years was like an art history course, taught by a master. he had the room in the palm of his hand with his art knowledge.

I have not been to one in years. Seeing the artwork displayed never bothered me, as it has some...I walk by the art displayed, and, appreciate it. Usually, the auctions are in lounges, and, out of the way spots..years ago, on RCI they were held in the atriums, you had to see them.

The pieces I have purchased over the years did not cost me a fortune, it was purchased to display,with no thought if it, gaining in value, and, it reminds me of a fun cruise. We bought a painting, someone else might have bought 10 tee shirts

Only once did we feel purchasing was a mistake, and it was a Princess cruise, which runs their own auctions. We bought collages,and they were received in an embarrassing condition. Phone calls, went back and forth,and I was satisfied in the end.

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