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Grande Anse Beach in Grenada, has won the best beach award for years. It's really pretty,and St. George's harbor is just so quaint..I loved it! Be careful when you cross the street, as they drive on the "wrong" side". The policemen there will be on your case, to make sure you don't get run over. Here is a utube view of coming into the harbor..

View from P&O Oceana St George's Harbour, Grenada - YouTube

I will say that the most agressive cab drivers I have ever seen are right there..they will walk along side of you to try and get your business.I almost turned around and went back on the ship. I am so glad I didn't go.

We took an island tour, went up to see the nutmeg factory, Grand Anse,and, just traveled around. If the market is open in town, check it our..on our day there, sadly it was closed. I had seen it on tv many times,and I wished I could have seen the scene

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