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It was fantastic to meet Holly in Salzburg!! What a pleasent surprise.

Maybe she didn't ecpect us to be do "old" (heh heh) - notice the "Mr. & Mrs Motter" -

Holly is only 25 and she is in the Airforce, from Missouri (as I recall). She is stationed in Mannheim.

Her reason for wanting to meet up with us was that she just bought a brand new BMW motorcycle which she rode almost 360 miles to meet up with us in Salzburg.

Of course, by the time she actually located us (my phone was not working that well, unfortunately, - I didnt see she had been trying to call three time earlier that day). - but by dinner time we were in the Bier Garten in Salzburg and I got her call (felt a slight vibration in my pocket). So we hooked up.

An hour later she drove up to us on a local street. We chatted for an hour and then I asked if she wanted to sleep on our couch in our apartment hotel.

How LUCKY that we had been given a room with a separate "living room" - so Holly had a bed to sleep in separate from us. By 9:00 Lou Ann and I were dead to the world. I guess Holly was, too, but I don't know.

I know it was a really hot & muggy day, so she took a shower first - all that leather motorcyclists have to wear on a day like that would be a KILLER. The rooms have no AC. So we took showers next and we all just went to sleep.

In the morning we had to run to the airport, so we said goodbye to Holly and wished her luck - but it was really fun and a pleasant surprise to see Holly, a proud American young lady serving in our military. She found CruiseMates as a place to find a 'cruise mate" - something more & more people are doing these days.

Hey Holly!! Very cool to meet you!

If you meet any potential cruisemates here online tell them I will vouch for you as a responsible and fun cruise mate.
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