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I am also very sorry to hear about your problems - however I don't agree that it is the responsibility of the cruise line to cover your own personal hardship - whatever it may be.

You could say the same thing about the bank that holds your mortgage, the funeral home, your utility company, etc. Life happens.

There is such a thing as travel insurance to protect you from such unexpected liabilities. So, while I am very sorry to hear about your loss, I cannot agree with you that the cruise line has a responsibility to take a financial loss when you had the option of buying insurance against such a mishap.

I am sure their feelings were genuine when they said they were sorry - at least they called you to explain the situation. Still I see no reason why they should make an exception just for you - if they did the same for everyone, then there would be abuses and cruises would cost more.

I am sorry and I do not mean to sound uncaring. I hope you have the will and wherewithal to recover in time.

Best regards!
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