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Smile Hey Guys!

Hi Guys!
Well thanks for all the info Emma! x (tho it isnt directed at me,its been soo beneficial).
I have a Q tho!
As a purser (say on Carnival), and by purser I mean Im gonna be joining completely fresh,gonna be attending purser college (soo you know I don't really know a thing)
* What are the cash transactions do I have to really handle??
* Like in hotels,would all the outlets (spa,rest,gift shop) bring in their daily cash to me??
* Do I have to maintain and balance accounts and count loads of cash and stuff??
*Any other stuff I would have to do which would involve cash and numbers and would be difficult!!

Ps: I love guest relations and talking to people,helping them out,going out of my way just to make sure a guest would have an awesome vacation but Im a lil afraid when it comes to working with cash and numbers! I do really want to work in the guest relations department (purser department) abord a cruise liner!! thanks again! xx
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