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Hi Annie,
What you posted is jus so true. We see posts like this all the time and they usually blame the cruiseline and expect to get their moneys back or change dates...The travel insurance is a small price to pay to be covered by any unforseen event that causes a trip to be cancelled, that has nothing to do with the cruiseline. Plus, I stated that, all major lines have the same policy, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to stay in business...When booking a cruise, the travel agent usually sends you info on insurance that they can sell. We all know, there are dozens of different independent travel insurance companies out there.

You just have to read through some policies and find the right one. I have in fact been shopping for some for my next cruise, so far a cost of $183, for two, but all well spent money if something should happen, I would never travel without it, especially when flying, etc....

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