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Originally Posted by floridiapokergirl View Post
I just got back from a carnival cruise with my 6 and 8 year old kids. I did not bring a letter from my ex-husband (as he would not supply one, just to "hurt" me) I had not troubles boarding the ship. I handed my passport and their birth certificates and off we went. No one asked for a thing. Its not needed on a cruise that begins and ends at the same port.
You were not asked to show it, but I have had clients that were asked to show the document on a "closed loop" sailing. That info you are stating is not correct regarding not being "necessary" for a closed loop cruise.

Bottom line, some will be asked and others may not....depends on how tight security, immigration, customs, etc is at any given time......Don't leave home without it when sailing on a cruise is the "safest advice" just in case you are asked for it !

And for those who may elect to bring a consent form:
I (we):_____________________________________________ _________________
authorize my/our minor child(ren):_______________________________________ ____
to travel to:_________________________________ on:_________________________
aboard Airline/Flight Number:________________________________________
and/or Cruise Ship:_____________________________________________ with:
__________________________________________________ __________. Their expected
date of return is _______________________.
In addition, I (we) authorize:______________________________________ to consent
to any necessary routine or emergency medical treatment during the aforementioned trip.

Signed:_________________________________ (Parent)

Signed:_________________________________ (Parent)




Sworn to and signed before me, a Notary Public,

this _______ day of _______________, 20____

Notary Public Signature and Seal
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