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Ray Dooley
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Hi, we sailed the Infinity last August I believe on the 17th. The age was mixed but mostly 40's and 50's but a fair number of younger and a certainly a good number of 6 to 18yo's. The sights were great, the ship absolutely beautiful and we lucked out on really good weather, mostly in the 60's at all ports. My only disappointment, which i expected was that all our previous cruises (five) were all warm weather cruises with alot of pool activities during the day and dancing and partying around the pool deck at night, midnight buffets and all. Except for the day we sailed it was just a bit too cool for the pool (although a handful of people did indulge) and of course at night the decks were too cool. The Alaskan cruise in my opinion is more for the sights and seeing Alaska than on board activities. The Caribbean and warm area are for partying. (A number of family members went including my 27yo nephew and 25yo wife, they said their friends did not understand why they would go on an Alaskan cruise instead of a mexican or Hawaiian cruise, they are from Ca)
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