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Originally Posted by amiable View Post
I was surprised that you did not ask about 150 Park Ave. You better make reservations to make sure you enjoy this culinary delight when you cruise on the Allure.

The chef who leads the kitchen of the signature restaurant onboard Allure of the Seas. Maureen "Molly" Brandt of Stillwater, Minn. has landed a one-year paid contract to be the Chef de Cuisine of 150 Central Park onboard Allure of the Seas.

Try this for a sample menu entry by Molly:
Chilled Lobster with fennel, carrots, citrus, caviar and tempura battered lobster mitt; Provencal Lamb Loin with Dijon potato puree, ratatouille, pattypan squash and olive tapenade; and Pistachio Cake with whipped rosewater crème fraiche and carbonated raspberries.

And she's dreaming up similar menus for Allure cruisers.

Pisachio cake what a treat, but, it's the little things that count with me and the Allure had pistachios and walnuts for cereal in the morning. And anchovies for Caesar salad and pizza at night.
Is Molly the that won the position due to a chef's competition that was televised? Or am I thinking of another ship? Foods sound good, but not familiar with "fine dining" terms. That pistachio cake sounds great! Agree, many times it's the little things that please the most.
My friends didn't mention 150 Park Ave., and I didn't ask. I really don't know what would have pleased them, I never got the impression they were fussy before. Maybe part of the whole thing was the price they paid for their location.
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