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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
I wouldn't even go to the Caribbean between August & October never mind sail around in it!
Hurricane season is actually June thru Nov.

I've cruised many times during hurrricane season. Pricing is normally pretty good, and come Sept, Oct, Nov not too many kids onboard.

Once the hurricane has passed, you won't notice much of the remnants of it, while at sea.

If you are sailing an itinerary that is visiting an island the hurricane hit, that could affect what is available to you on that island for services, sites, etc.

Unless the hurricane is affecting your port of departure, you may not even notice that a hurricane had been in the area.

The cruise lines also change their itineraries very quickly depending on the cirumstances of the hurricane. Ships move faster than hurricanes, so they make certain they are not putting their ships or passengers in danger.

You're also much safer on a ship at sea during a hurricane than on land in the path of a hurricane.
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