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Originally Posted by hanez View Post
Hi, I am just wondering what a regular cruisemates opinion on sailing after a hurricane.,
My wife and I leave on Carnival Dream in two days. Thats just as/after Irene is leaving the area and sadly seems to be going to the Carolinas.

I am not so concerned about safety so much as seasickness, weather and the quality of the trip. I am thinking about using our cancellation insurance and doin a last minute to vegas.

What do you think, can you still have fun on a cruise after a hurricane? Are the waters going to be really bad?

How could you NOT have a good time? Don't know if you are going east or west Caribbean. West hasn't even been affected. If east, not all ammenities on shore may not be up and running as they are cleaning up, but it's STILL a cruise. Bring your dramamine or whatever if you really think you'll need it. The Dream is certainly not a small ship and it's new.
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