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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
John... but that's why insurance is available; to cover the unexpected events that may occur.

I'm not sure why the cruise line would be expected to "insure" everyone against the incident. especially when they were ordered out of port.

Carnival did take it upon themselves because they felt bad, and likely thought of it as good PR. That move most likely cost them somewhere between $300,00 - $400,000 for the approx. 385 (think that's the number) of passengers affected- in cruise fares and charges for flights, plus the loss in onboard revenues. That's a pretty significant "goodwill gesture".
Insurance is pretty much compulsory here. Don't know about the rights & wrongs, but as I said I would feel the cruise line should help. Mind you the ins. companies will wriggle out of things blaming "acts of God"
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