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Default drunkk

Yes, that is definitly a great point. Do not try and get involved even if you see it as harmless. My last cruise on the Carnival Destiny, a guy we knew who was only a year older than me got very drunk. I was with a friend and he was hasseling some other people who were trying to get him to leave so we found his cousin who gave us his room key to take him back to his room because he was a disaster. He is a huge like 200 something pound guy, and he started hitting on my friend and touching her uncomfortably and I tried to get him to stop but he was strong. He couldn't walk and was a complete mess. As we got to his room we opened the door, put the key in and tried to coax him into entering, he shut the door with the key in it and wouldn't leave us alone. There was no one in the hall and it was very scary because he was saying really inappropriate things. We ran away but it was one of the most frightening experiences. He was a nice guy and apologized the next day, but he was so drunk he couldn't control himself. Always be cautious because that worry of "crazy drunk people" is actually a reality.
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