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Sorry to say no nibbles, but that's okay because the cruise I selected is an extracuricular activity. I am looking at some backup cruises as we speak in the same time period.

It's interesting to hear from other cruisers who share there experiences on cruises. They can be very helpful. I was on the last cruise for one ship and commented to one of my fellow cruisemates the sad condition of the ship. He told me that the ship was being sold and that this was its last cruise; a fact I did
not know. On the other hand I went on one of the last Celebrity cruises out of Baltimore because I found out about it and the fantastic rate for this cruise from a fellow cruisemate who publicized it on this site. The ship was in great condition and everthing was first rate.

Also I have had successful cabin shares in the past and they were adventures. The last ones on the Epic and Allure were the greatest. My cruisemate is off on another cruise so he was not available for this one.

By the way when I don't have any nibbles on cabin sharing for a cruise with a good price, I start to get suspicious about the cruise. It's like the stock market when you see prices on a stock drop, look for the reasons.
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