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Originally Posted by silverbolt View Post
How is the Internet connection quality on Princess ships? Especially the Emerald Princess. How much is it per minute around? Most cruise companies use the same internet/satellite provider

If I were to use my laptop to connect to the wi-fi, is the connection charged by the minute? Or is there perhaps a minimum charge of let's say 5 minutes per connection? You are charged by the minute and as Kuki said varies from $0.35/min and up

Sorry for not being too clear on this, but whatever you can tell me about the Internet on these ships will be appreciated. Thanks for the info!
The speed is faster than dial up but slower then ADSL .
You'll experience a number of drop out, slow speed and some days there will be no internet at all . The internet on board is common to the whole ship . Ship business takes priority over passenger access to the system .The best time for internet is early morning (5 - 6AM) or during the supper hours especiall early sitting ( 6 - 9PM)

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