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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I would also keep in mind, once you board, find your cabin and drop off your carry-on's and go to the buffet for lunch, you can get off the ship and explore Old San Juan, since your ship most likely doesn't take off until around 10PM or so. Just be sure to have your sign/sail card with you to get back on, you will actually need it to get off the ship too.

I would say, the terminal in Old San Juan is decent.
But remember that staterooms are usually not available for passengers to occupy until about 1 - 1:30ish and usually the corridors are closed off to keep passengers from getting to their staterooms while attendants are trying to get all the staterooms ready for new guests. And for those that say they ignore this and drop off carryons before the staterooms are ready and accessible, you are risking personal items being stolen due to stateroom doors being open for the final cleaning and checking by supervisors (before passengers are given access) and anyone can come in w/out your knowledge during this "no stateroom access" time !
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