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Originally Posted by Sistersolo View Post
We're going to do the transatlantic that's indicated in my signature line.

As for premeeting, we haven't. I exchanged a few e-mails with Missy before we booked the Bermuda cruise, and spoke with her on the phone twice afterwards. But neither of us as much as knew what the other looked like, before we met on the bus to NYC.

Same sort of thing with Sarah. I had posted, looking for a quick answer because of limited availability of a really good offer. I didn't get anyone in time, but several women contacted me to see if I was interested in something else. That included Sarah, who lives in Tampa where the cruise terminates. Then the TA who originally put together the group I wanted got a few more cabins, and I grabbed one, contacted her, and she signed on. We've since spoken on the phone and exchanged pictures, so at least we have an idea of who to look for, this time!
Well I hope it all works out for both of you!
Report back after the trip
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