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I guess I just don't see the problem. As far as the flight numbers go, it's a number no big deal. And never said what airline either. If you are going into FLL and it's United/Continental, the number change and slight time dif might be because of the merger as they consolidate operations. As far as the price goes, maybe they changed planes and now have more seats to fill and are trying to get folks on the bird. What day of the week did you buy the tickets? Airlines usually roll out their "sales" in midweek. (I fly often and have seen the same exact flight a couple hundred dollars cheaper just buy looking on a Web vs a Sat). I don't mean to sound heartless here but the price you paid is what they were worth the second you clicked the buy button. If the price had gone up and the airline came back and said you owed them more money would you have had an issue with that? Just sayin (and yes I realize my opinion probably will not be a popular one)
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