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Default Spendor Fire Free Cruise Questions

Has anyone used their free cruise offer yet? Did you receive what was promised?

There were 5 of us booked on that cruise, 3 in one balcony and 2 in another with connecting balconies. At the last minute Deane, my son-in-law, could not go so it was just the 4 of us girls, WHOO HOO!! Me and my sister in a cabin and my daughter and granddaughter in the other. This cruise was a graduation gift to my granddaughter from my sister.

The total cruise price for 5 of us was $4053.95 and charged to my sisters Visa. I was paying her back for my daughters, son-in-laws and my tickets ($2196.37). Well, we all know now I didn't have to b/c CCL picked up the bill. THANK YOU CCL! They even put us up at the Westin in San Diego for the night. Boy that was SWEEEEEET, hot showers, hot coffee, food...real food that was still steaming.

So, when we get home and my sis pulls up in her driveway we just about died from laughter. Sitting in her front yard is an old row boat with paddles filled with Spam, Pop tarts and Budweiser! A gift from her co-workers at the hospital where she is an ER nurse.

It's been almost a year since the fire on the Splendor and we are so ready for a vacation. We decide to take CCL up on their offer of the free cruise. A lot can happen in a year and life has a way of letting you know ship happens!

My granddaughter (Kayla) will be a mommy in a couple months but that’s not all, her mother (Teanne) found out she too is pregnant. I am going to be a great-gma and a g-ma within 6 months of each other. How cool is that?

I know I'm rambling but the girls’ being pregnant comes into play here in a minute. Keep in mind these girls were on the fire cruise with me and my sis.

So, I go online to CCL and browse for cruises we might take utilizing our free cruise. And yes, we have a TA, but I wanted to get an idea of what was going on and different destinations etc. I knew the girls couldn't go because of the pregnancies so it will be just me and my sis and they can go on their own at a later date...hopefully.

We picked the Oct 28 2011 Barcelona 16 day TA!!! We applied the free cruise then paid the difference which should have been about 400.00 for the 2 of us. We are booked in a balcony SR 11251.

When I went to our TA to pay for the cruise, she is on the phone with CCL discussing our free cruise credits. We used the same TA on the fire cruise so she is aware of more details than us when it comes to dealing with credits and the unique situation we were going thru. By the time she gets off the phone I have a feeling I am not going to be happy with CCL. And I was right! NOT HAPPY!

When our TA booked our cabins for the fire cruise she booked me as third guest therefore I am entitled to a 379.00 credit. I know it's not CCL's fault that our TA put me third but geeze I was the one paying for 3 of the tickets even though 1 of them wasn't used because Deane was not on the fire cruise.

The girls will not be able to use their free cruise b/c of CCL's pregnancy and infant policies. We have to use the free cruise by Nov 7 2012. I haven’t talked with CCL about extending that date for the girls but I plan on doing that this week. Hopefully they will work with us on that.

I am so confused about the whole free cruise credits I can't even think. We ended up paying $1768.00 for the Barcelona cruise after credits from the free cruise. On the Cabin Confirmation email from CCL they show a credit of $437.58 for 2 free cruises.

Do you feel we have a legitimate complaint? We don't want to sound as though we are ungrateful b/c CCL was outstanding during the fire cruise and the crew literally saved the ship and our lives by getting that fire out like they did. We just want what was promised to us.

We are writing letters to try and resolve the issues and are asking for onboard credit during the Barcelona cruise for the value of the free cruises minus the 437.58 already applied to the cruise.

I would love some input on this…any takers?

If anyone wants to meet up on the Magic 10/28/11 Barcelona TA cruise and see some pics, hear some first hand accounts of the Splendor fire and share some of yours we will be in 11251.

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