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Question Dream with 3 year old

Okay- I know there's probably a million posts about this already, but I'm putting my questions out there. We're sailling on the Dream this September, 4 night cruise.

1) What do I need to be sure to bring that I'm probably not thinking of?
2) DH and I can see the Villians show. What should I do with my DD? She's 3 and probably won't sit through the whole show and this is one we REALLY want to see.
3) No excursions planned. Thought we'd just hang out on the ship in Nassau and then at CC we'll go to the beach. Is there something we really out to check out?
4) I understand there is a Pirate Night, but when is that?
5) Should I bring dress up stuff for other nights too?
6) I've heard that some people decorate their doors with magnets. Any thoughts?
7) As for the rooms, do they show any of the Disney channels or have a DVD player?
8) DD isn't a terribly picky eater, but she's 3 so Mahi Mahi or something probably won't cut it. Do they have typical child fair like chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese, etc.?
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