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I am a confirmed aft lover. The view, especially at night, is beautiful and the sound of the wake is mezmerizing.

The other advantages are that the balconies are "usually" a little larger than other balcony cabins. On many ships the cabins are also a little larger. The aft wraparound balconies are the best. The problem is that with the large wrap around balcony I'm not as "out and about" as usual.

I have never had a problem with noise, vibration or not seeing the port. Actually the port areas of most ports aren't that great to look at.

I did have a soot problem on the old Norway when we had a Penthouse suite that was "sort of" on the back of the ship. Sometimes you can have a problem with guests on the Lido deck throwing cigarette butts and other stuff off the back and it ends up on your balcony. On some ships there is less privacy in the rear because those above you can see down onto your balcony.

No matter what I'll take an aft balcony anytime I can. My next two cruises on Carnival Liberty and Carnival Breeze will both be in aft cabins.

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