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opps sorry that was not a very good explanation was it and yes i did feel like a stowaway but to cut a long story short! i could sleep just about anyway, i live in a inner city with a husband who can snore for England.

What I couldn't sleep with was the noise that was coming through our balcony door 24/7 It was like the farting sound of a balloons when the air is coming out and wizzing around the room. it was that loud. We did complain and ask for it to be repaired every day for 4 days and still no luck In the end i videoed the offending sound and walked into the reception to show them just how urgent a repair was but all we got was a form of pass the buck as to who's fault it was that no one had been to look at it. out of sheer frustration I asked for a meeting with the hotel manager Mr Stevenson. from this point on a repair was attempted 3 times with no luck, we were offered a down grade to an inside cabin which we excepted but our request for a refund for the down grade bit was refused. still we needed to sleep somewhere, after taking a couple of sleeping tablets i gave up trying to sleep in our cabin and hunted out the inside one but when we tried to get into the cabin at 3 am the key was not working so i called back down to reception and told them to forget it. i then found the nearest settee and slept on that..

next day at the meeting with Mr Stephenson and head purser. we showed him the video of what we were trying to put up with. Mr steveson took the video off me for a closer look and in my opinion tried to delete it by pressing a big red button on the machine only instead of deleting it he recorded the rest of the interview. He asked us what did we want him to do about it, they have tried repairing it 3 times but couldn't and what did we expect from a disabled cabin??? shell shocked by his rude arragant attitude i just walked out of the meeting, no point in listening to any more of his rude arrogant remarks. The Head Purser followed us out and apologised for Stephenson's comments.

So what do we do now? we considered getting off at the next port but this upset our friends who had joined us on the cruise, sleeping on a settee in the bar every night was not an option so the best we could do was share their room and sleep in it when they were not using it.
for 2 weeks we were absolutely exhausted through lack of sleep, we missed all the formal nights after buying all the clothes for them as most nights we sat in the lido and eat just a snack.

We had booked a box in the theater and i fell a sleep half way through. it was a nightmare.

I am going to download the video on to youtube and fasebook, where you can decide for yourselves if you think the noise was acceptable for a disabled cabin, not that being disabled should have anything to do with it..

I don't want to put anyone off the QV after all this was just one cabin out of 900 plus
Pen x
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