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Originally Posted by Comet Cruiser View Post
Hi there!

Getting ready to leave for our cruise VERY SOON ....but do have a question or 2 for my friends on Cruisemates.

Does anyone happen to know if there is a place onboard the Carnival Pride where I can get boiling water 24/7 for my Tetley tea, yes....I take my own tea bags on a cruise( I'm a cheap date) I take a travel mug with me.

I would also like to know if when you buy that sticker the "Bottomless Bubbles", it's not like RCL and you don't get a cup? I guess if not then my hubby will have to bring a travel mug for his "drinks", I have bought from the Bon Voyage department a bottle of CC to be in our cabin when we board and we are also taking onboard a 12 pack of pop( Canadian for soda) But the sticker we will use for my cranberry juice...that is ok I hope to be used for that.

As you can tell I'm a newbie to Carnival..not to cruising....just Carnival, we've been on 7 previous cruises all with RCL.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Comet Cruiser
The Lido will have hot water available at the coffee stations. I wouldn't count on it being "boiling". You can also buy a soda card when you board and I do believe you get a large travel type mug with it. It is only good for soda (pop) and not for juices.

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