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Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
John Heald's blog has had a few stories over the last few months of cruisers that were unhappy with the size of the ship and other aspects such as not enough enrichment lectures. As he talks to them they seem to be seasoned cruisers. The common thread is their previous cruises have been either on small ships and/or higher end lines. When he asks why (did they ever) book with Carnival the answer comes down to cost - I got a really great deal, sometimes a TA directed them to it.

Though I have not cruised at the higher end of the cruising spectrum, from what little I know I can understand why these cruisers are disappointed. However, isn't it just as important for an experienced cruiser to be aware of what they are booking as some of the neophyte mistakes we see along the way?
The hardest thing for me to go from Regent or Silversea to Carnival would be fixed dining. Of course, quality of food; expansive food choices; good room service; and ability to special order food would all be negatives but I could accept if I were going with the right group. You can get a liquor package with Carnival so it amounts to all inclusive.

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