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Hi guys.
Im not sure just how loud it comes up on youtube but it was really loud, as to the door being opened, we tried this, if it was windy it made the same noise even with the door opened and the boat docked, so we thought there was a problem in the paneling or the seal,we have another video showing the door open and the same sound. Also when it was a calm day the bed would get soaked as the air con vent was right over the bed and dripped constantly when the door was open so it had to stay closed. I only took the videos because it was difficult to explain the sound to the people at reception. I thought it would be better to video it and take it down to them so they could see for themselves just how urgent it was for someone to come up and repair it as i was going crackers by day 4.

Mr Stephenson knew of the problem, like he said " what did we expect with a disabled cabin. also they said the ship was full so the only cabin available was the inside cabin. Cunard were aware of this as i had to complete forms and get letters of my consultant to say i was well enough for a cruise holiday. Also this cruise was for our 34th wedding anniversary for which we had planned to spend in Venice. I have a serious illness and have to take morphine 4 times a days along with loads of other medication so sleeping on a settee in a bar late of an evening was so painful and embarrassing to say the least. We never got to spend our anniversary in Venice, in fact we cancelled all the tours we had booked as i was just too tired and by that time and in to much agony to do anything else. My worst gripe though is the attitude and the comments from Mr Stephenson, if they ship is full then the ship is full, nothing can be done about that i know but how I wish I was a fly on the wall when the head purser told him what he had done.

I have 3 letters of apology, one from the captain, one from the head pursuer and one from some one else all expressing how sorry they were that they could not do anything???? I'm not quite sure where the captain came into it although we were invited to his cocktail party so i can only assume someone told him. He has sent a letter on to Cunard head office and said they will contact us on our return home. what good that will do i don't know. Could he have not done anything on the ship???? I don't know. Our friends did offer to disembark with us at the first port but i did not think it was fair to burden them with extra costs involved with hotels and flights and they were upset with the thought of us leaving without them, they only booked because of us so i was stuck. such an awful position to be in.

However it's done now and i am sooo glad to be home and in my own bed

Thanks everyone

Pen x
PS what is a OBC?

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