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Default drinks & other extras on millie?


I'm so glad to have found this site. My husband & I will be going on our first cruise in june (millie). I was just wondering exactly which drinks are included ( if any) goes:

1. Is a house wine or any other kind of drink included in the dining room during regular meals?

2. Is regular coffee/tea always or never free?

3. My husband & I don't drink much soda, does the "drinking program card" include other options other than soda (iced tea, juice etc...)

4. What's the best way to save money regarding alcoholic beverages ... I hear there are daily specials offered, ... is this true for the millie?

5. Other than in the dining room, are drinks always an extra charge? What about by the pool?

Sorry about all these picky questions. We're just trying to figure out how much the extras will likely cost us. We're also wondering if we should carry cash or use plastic (I presume a credit card is an acceptable form of payment.)

Is there a website where can get a full list of of what the "extras" cost, & the different programs available, on the millie.

Thank-you for your input!

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