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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Yes indeed the facts do speak for themselves...

RCL was ordered to leave port and so they did. These cruisers that were left behind don't they have insurance Did they not watch the weather channel a week before sailing to see what is brewing and why not get to the port 1st thing in the morning during hurricane season And I hope nobody was flying same day :eek:

Sh*t can happen anytime of the year let alone hurricane season. Now if RCL decided what the heck let's leave port early just for the hell of it is a different story.

A discount for a future cruise is more then enough.

Yes I'm Royal gal for life HOWEVER would feel the same way if it was any other cruiseline.

Bottom line.....hurricane season fly in at least 1 day before, get to port early in the morning, have insurance. And things can also happen outside of hurricane season it's a crazy world we live in.

As I've said a dozen times, insurance yes. However, not everyone can get to the port the day prior. There are a lot of reason for that but the reason's don't matter - the fact is they CAN'T get there.

When a ship is scheduled to sail at 7:30 and you are scheduled to arrive at 12PM (7 hours) and you do arrive within an hour or two and you arrive at the port within the proper time frame, you have upheld your end of the bargain. The fact that RCL didn't uphold their end - well, what can I say Sh*t happens - right. The same justification that is being used to lambast cruisers is the same justification that is being used to defend the cruiseline.

As far as the comp. - it's crap..........useless.............and costs RCL absolutely nothing.....................
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